Zap Protocol teams up with Votewatcher to make elections more transparent

This partnership is one of many that will showcase the developing power of Zap Protocol and their desire to bring creative utility to blockchain technology.

Zap Protocol is partnering with Votewatcher to create a dApp that will aid poll watchers to keep elections fair and transparent utilizing blockchain technology. The dApp provides a platform for poll watchers to report suspicious activity that can be tracked on the blockchain. The campaign team will review and approve relevant recorded activity and then mint it as an NFT which is stored with geolocation data and a timestamp on the blockchain generating an immutable digital record.

“Public confidence in the integrity of the electoral process has independent significance because it encourages citizen participation in the democratic process.” — Justice John Paul Stevens

Votewatcher is a secure blockchain-backed dApp that allows users to track and upload suspicious activity at poll stations anonymously.

Zap Protocol is a blockchain-powered ecosystem with a secure, easy-to-use interface that provides a suite of decentralized technological services to the world in an intuitive and humanized manner.

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